HR McMaster – A Threat To America

America is under threat. Unfortunately, this threat is helped along by some in our government whose job it is to protect Americans.

Rich Higgins was Forced out of the NSC due to a memo that laid out how the globalist, Islamist, and other forces in and out of the government are subverting President Trump’s agenda.

The man that heads the NSC,  HR Mcmaster has been participating in this subversion of America for some time in our opinion. At present, he is purging our government of those that are sounding the alarm.

The people of America elected President Trump because they believe in his America first policy among other things. Unfortunately, the Deep State, the far left, and Islamists have other objectives.

In this interview of Rich Higgins from last year with The Dally Caller, we can see just how dangerous this situation is and what Americans need to do to help head off this subversion. Continue reading “HR McMaster – A Threat To America”

Washington D.C. – Can It Be Fixed?

Can Washington be fixed? In this last Presidential election, we the people have sent a message loud and clear. We think Washington is broken. And we demand a change.

After watching one of our two political parties cheat one of its candidates and install Hillary Clinton as their candidate and the assumed next President then only to watch her escape criminal liability the American people said enough is enough.

We voted for a non-politician. A non-politician who worked harder for our vote than anyone has in recent history. A non-politician who spoke common sense. Who promised to put the American people first. He didn’t need the bribe money from corporate America and special interest. He promised to make America great again.

This on top of the last eight years in which America has seen its economy and world standing drop to such a low state that we have not seen since President Carter in the seventies. That was also a point in time that Americans said enough is enough.

Washington Responds

While President Trump is rapidly accomplishing many of his campaigns promises the swamp of Washington D.C. has decided to not get on board.

The hard left part of the swamp comprising of the media and the Democrat Party have shown themselves to be useless.

They have floated conspiracy theories. They have made up fake news. They have tried their best to slow down the new administration’s appointments. They have mocked and intimidated Trump supporters. And they have worked people up into such a frenzy that Republicans were shot at. Some were almost killed. One is still in serious condition.

The media is now having to retract story after story. Democrats have not been able to win an election. They have no answers as their past policies fall apart. They have shown themselves to be incompetent, ineffective, broken, and worthless. Both are looking more stupid every day.

That is the Leftest wing of the swamp. But there is another wing.

Washington – The Other Wing

Let us not be naive. There is another wing of the Washington swamp. The “conservative” media and GOP wing.

Yes, the Republicans have sent President Trump forty bills or so to sign. But do not be mislead. Many of them do not look at the swamp the same way as the President. Many are part of the swamp themselves.

As a matter of fact if it were not for the Presidents aggressive approach to fixing Washington much of what has been done would not have been done. Much he has had to do on his own. Fortunately, President Obama was only able to enact a large part of his agenda on a temporary basis. Fortunately, President Trump has the guts to roll it back.

What would things look like if everyone was on President Trump’s page? We would have a repeal and replace of the failing and disastrous ObamaCare. We would have a large and robust tax cut and simplification. Those two things alone would send our economy into high gear.

The economy has been tied up for so long, letting it free would create an economic explosion of activity. Things would boom. And boom like no other time in most people’s lifetime.

It is the Trump agenda that is based on the principles that created the greatness of our country in the first place. And only by draining the Washington D.C. swamp on both sides of the isle can Washington be fixed.

Who will stand with President Trump in his effort to make America great again? Will enough stand with him to fix Washington? This we shall see. And what we see will tell us who is in the swamp and who wants to make America great again.




FBI – Are They Corrupt? Consider These Facts

The FBI is in the spotlight these days. It is not the first time. J. Edgar Hoover was well known for having a robust operation that not only fought against the criminal eliminate, but was also known to maintain files against politicians that were used for blackmail.

While the days of J. Edgar Hoover are long past several new reports reveal other problems that are just as troubling.

FBI – Andrew McCabe

Approximately three years ago the FBI and Andrew McCabe was being accused of sexual discrimination. The accuser? Special Agent Robyn Gritz.
This according to a report from Circa News:

The FBI launched a criminal probe against former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn two years after the retired Army general roiled the bureau’s leadership by intervening on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism agent who accused now-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other top officials of sexual discrimination, according to documents and interviews.

This report leads one to believe that the Flynn investigation was a twofer. The deep state hates President Trump, and the FBI did not like the fact that Flynn spoke up for Agent Robyn Gritz.

The Circa report continues: “Three FBI employees told Circa they personally witnessed McCabe make disparaging remarks about Flynn before and during the time the retired Army general emerged as a figure in the Russia case.”

MaCabe did get his revenge with the leak of Flynn’s private conversation in violation of the constitution.

If you read the entire Circa report, you cannot come to any reasonable conclusion other than that this situation must be independently investigated.

In addition, MaCabe is also under investigation for being in violation of the Hatch Act. This having to do with his actions in his wife’s campaign and political activities. The campaign that netted her over $670,000 of cold hard cash.

Just The Tip

However, MaCabe is just the tip of the corruption. In his recent testimony, James Comey revealed that then Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to alter his statement about the Hillary Clinton email criminal investigation. He was instructed to use the same wording as the Clinton campaign. He complied.

This in addition to the FBI director overreaching his authority in making a determination that Clinton would not be prosecuted.

While the Justice Department may or may not have violated the law by not prosecuting Clinton they were never given the chance. The FBI director did violate the law with his actions though. That is a fact.

Not only did the FBI violate the law by making that decision, they also let Clinton’s assistant off the hook for mishandling classified material.

They gave immunity deals that produce no convictions, rather just let more people off the hook of criminal activity. It was a classic case of a cover-up.

FBI – The Lawsuit

Besides all of this, we now learn that the FBI was given an immense amount of evidence of governmental wrongdoing that they buried.

Governmental wrongdoing involving unconstitutional surveillance. Just the kind of surveillance that President Trump called them out for regarding their surveillance of him.

The whistleblower who turned over this evidence is now suing them. The lawsuit alleges that the FBI and James Comey covered up the information. That they are in fact co-conspirators in the illegal activities.

This is just the information that we know. Most likely it is the tip of the iceberg.

The FBI, the Nations’s top law enforcement agency seems to also be one of the nation’s top criminal enterprises. Not in regards to most of the men and women in the field. Most agents are probably honorable, patriotic Americans.

When you look though, at the management’s actions and decisions, it is hard to say that they as an organization are not corrupt.