​Clinton, Obama, Sanders, Trump, All in One Speech.

As we listen to Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech for the Democrat nomination for President of the United States, I couldn’t help feeling like it was a mashup of four speeches into one.
Trying to walk the line of appealing to people that find truth in the message of Bernie Sanders who received over 12 million votes in her own party, and who she beat largely with the help of the Democrats super delegate system, trying to appeal to those that voted for Donald Trump, who received more votes than any other Republican in history, and trying appease her former boss, created a disjointed mishmash of thoughts and ideas that were dis-conjoined at a minimum and downright contradictory of one another at best.

Trying to take all positions leaves those that want to maintain the status quo, the Washington ruling elite, a line to push to each group as if she is for them.

She tries to tell us that Donald Trump is wrong as she incorporates portions of what he is saying that are resonated with the public.

She tries to tell us that President Obama has done great, even though most people feel that the county is going in the wrong direction.

She tries to tell the Sanders supporters that she is with them, as she takes millions from Wall Street.

She tries to tell us that we can trust her, even though dishonesty, deception, and scandal have followed her and her family their entire lives.

While she does have the media at her full disposal to push those narratives and try to sell the idea to the American public, it remains a hard sell as both Sanders and Trump have been talking about their positions for years, as opposed to just coming up with them for this election cycle.

And even though her true beliefs are in line with Sanders, as she was influenced early in her life by Marxist and Community Organizer Saul Alinsky who wrote the book “Rules for Radicals”, she has sold out those ideas years ago and decided to go with Wall Street, the Globalists, and basically anyone who had the cash to finance campaigns and put her in the top one tenth of the top 1 percent of wage earners.

​Years ago there was a game show in which several panelists pretended to be someone. As they were asked questions, contestants would try to determine who was actually the real person.

While we will never get to ask her questions to find out, it would really be nice if the real Hillary Clinton would please stand up.

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