Seth Rich Murder – Is The FBI Part Of The Cover-Up?

Seth Rich DNC Staffer

Recent revelations in regards to the Seth Rich murder has opened up some troubling concerns. Is the FBI part of the cover-up?

The troubling revelations touch many aspects of the as yet unsolved murder.

Well known investigator Rod Wheeler who was hired by the family to look into the incident has confirmed through two separate direct sources that the FBI has told the DC police to stand down and not investigate the murder.

(Update) After intense pressure, Mr. Wheeler has since wavered from his original statement.

In addition, a federal source who spoke on the condition of anonymity has said that the FBI has done a forensic analysis on Mr. Rich’s computer and that there were thousands of emails sent to Wikileaks with the vast majority having attachments sent with them.


Wikileaks while not ever divulging their sources has offered reward money for any tips leading to the solving of the Seth Rich murder, along with their stating that Russia was not the source.

In the eleven years of their existence, Wikileaks has not put out information that has been proven to be incorrect. They emphatically say that the DNC information did not come from a state actor.

While the FBI has claimed that the DNC “Hack” was attributed to Russia, the FBI never examined the DNC’s computers. The DNC refused to give them access.

When Mr. Wheeler first contacted the DC police to begin his inquiry, the police did not respond but rather notified the DNC. A DNC staffer then contacted the family to inquire why they hired a detective to look into the case.

It is looking more and more that Seith Rich was the Wikileaks source.

There have always been suspicions that have surrounded the Clinton’s due to a string of mysterious deaths that have occurred to people involved with them.

Even though this murder involves the DNC, the main storyline around the leaked emails was the Clinton and the DNC collusion to make sure Senator Sanders did not win the nomination.

Did The FBI Examine Seth Rich’s Computer?

If the FBI did, in fact, examine the Rich computer, why would they insist that Russa had anything to do with what was not a “Hack” but a whistleblower who has upset over the DNC’s tampering with the electoral process?

Perhaps competent politically neutral leadership at the FBI can clear up these glaring ambiguities and put Americans minds at rest that the FBI is not involved in this cover-up.

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