James Comey – Admitted Being One Of The Leakers

FBI Director James Comey

James Comey revealed a lot in his testimony on Thursday. Much of is not being reported by the Corporate Mainstream Media Complex correctly.

One of the biggest being that James Comey who has said that the leaking of government secrets is a problem that must be corrected, is that he, is in fact, one of the leakers.

His reason was two-fold. One because he was offended that the President said he did not do a good job. And that the President stated that he was not able to adequately lead the FBI.

And two because he was attempting to manipulate the political process and force the appointment of a special counsel.

Both reasons being completely self-serving and have nothing to do with his job as the former head of the FBI. And both reasons are right from Comey’s testimony. No need to speculate. It was his testimony.

Should the FBI director be involved in such political gamesmanship? Moreover, why was he?

If it was not pure politics in the case of Trump, why did Comey go along with misleading Congress at the request of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch? That was his testimony too.

Also, why did not that interaction create the need for Comey to make notes of those meetings?

Will Special Counsel Robert Muller make his decisions based on politics like James Comey?

These are questions that are on the minds of a lot of Americans.

While Comey said, he was worried about the reputation of the FBI his actions do nothing but raise doubts. While also raising legitimate suspicions that the FBI is not executing the law justly.

James Comey Confirms Trump’s Innocence

The other thing that Mr. Comey clarified is that the President was never under investigation.

That all the news reports we have heard from the media have been indeed Fake News. It was not true. The media was wrong.

The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC along with countless other news outlets have been reporting a lie.

The unnamed sources have either mislead them, or maybe there have been no sources, to begin with. Only they know.

The thing that we are aware for sure is that they peddled propaganda from the Democratic party and leftist.

It will be interesting to see if they correct themselves. We doubt it though.

James Comey – The Coward

When asked why he did not report the situation if he thought it so wrong or offer to resign as he has done in the past, Comey said that not saying anything was “most important thing” he could do.

The question from Senator Blunt: “The point to me, the concern to me there is, all these things are going on. You now in retrospect, or at least to this committee, you had serious concerns about what the president had, you believed, directed you to do, and had taken no action. Hadn’t even reported up the chain of command, assuming you believe there is a chain of command, that these things happened. Do you have a sense looking back that that was a mistake?”

Mr. Comey’s answer: “No. In fact, I think no action was the most important thing I could do.”

What does that even mean?

Comey also testified essentially that he was afraid of being in the same room with the President alone.

And that he was frozen, unable to act as far as speaking to the President about what he thought about the subject at hand.

That some of his answers to the President were his cowardly way to handle it. His words, not ours.

This was all coming from the head of the FBI. The nation’s chief law enforcement investigator.

The man that helped put away John Gotti was paralyzed by Donald Trump.

James Comey Contradicts Himself

These facts are some of the clearest parts of his testimony. In much of James Comey’s testimony, he contradicted himself.

On the one hand, Comey said the President is within his constitutional authority to tell the FBI director to stop the investigation. That the director works for the President. That the director is the Presidents subordinate.

On the other hand, he said he could not state if the President was guilty or not of obstruction.

Both statements contradicted one another. You cannot be guilty of any crime when you are exercising your constitutional authority.

In addition, the President has the power to pardon anyone he would like. If he did not want General Flynn to be prosecuted, he could have just pardoned him. End of story.

James Comey And Russia

Comey also said he was sure that Russia hacked the DNC. Although the FBI never was allowed to examine the server.

Instead, the FBI relied on the conclusions of a company that has already been discredited.

Why Would They Do That?

Why would the FBI use the talking points from the DNC and a discredited company with its own motivations as a pillar of this entire investigation?

And why would the DNC object to the FBI having a look at their server?

Can Only Speculate On Trump

Last but not least it seemed that James Comey could only expand on anything that would be negative towards the President, and nothing else.

A lot of I cannot answer that in an open setting when the answer would probably favor the President, and a lot of mind reading otherwise.

When asked about the reaction of Jeff Sessions he spoke about reading his body language.

Or when he said, “Well, my impression, and again it’s my impression, I could always be wrong, but my common sense told me what was going on.”

His common sense never seemed to be working unless it involved something adverse to President Trump.

At other times his common sense could not figure out what to say or do. His common sense only was working when he would explain a negative about Trump.

James Comey – What To Make Of It?

So, what are we to make of James Comey’s testimony?

Number one would be that any reasonably thinking person can see that he should have never been the countries chief law enforcement investigator.

Two that the Deep State is alive and well.

When a group of unelected bureaucrats think that they are the ones that run the government and that the elected officials of the people are merely figureheads, you have a serious problem.

It is no different that when a military takes over a democracy. However, in this case, no guns are involved.

Three, never believe a story unless people are willing to go on the record. If real sources have something important to expose, they can lead honest reporters to the evidence.

Our news media has shown itself to be dishonest, partisan, and ideological. Not all of them. But too many for comfort. And too many for most people to know the difference.

Fourth, for our democracy to thrive, the law needs to be applied to everyone equally.

If James Comey broke the law or his employment agreement by leaking privileged communications with the President, he should be prosecuted.

If Hillary Clinton mishandled Classified material, she should go to jail. Not be let off by a political friend.

If our government is guilty of violating the constitution by invading our privacy, it should be stopped. And those that broke the law held accountable.

Last But Not Least

And finally, since President Trump was never under investigation, this nonsense should stop. Let him do the job that we the people elected him to do.

To Make America Great Again!

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