Kathy Griffin – Why She Was Surprised

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin probably had no idea that her ISIS style beheading photo of President Trump would create such a backlash.

To be fair to her, why would she? The leftist Democrats have engaged in a campaign that is in many ways similar to the terrorist organization.

You must be kidding you say. No, let’s just take a look at some disturbing similarities.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Muslim Extremist operate on a strict interpretation of Sharia Law and an establishment of a Caliphate.

If you are not a believer, you are an infidel. Infidels cannot be tolerated and must be eliminated.

This fact is what concerns so many when they hear surveys showing an alarming number of Muslims believe that Sharia law should supersede national law.

You can say or do anything for the ultimate cause. Lie, cheat, or deceive, as long as it is for the greater good of the cause.

Kathy Griffin And The Left

If you are starting to see a similarity in the fanaticism of leftist Democrats you are not mistaken.

While the Leftist Democrats “TALK’ about acceptance, their actions demonstrate anything but, when it comes to points of view that do not agree with them.

You are either with them, or you are abhorrent. You can see it by the hate filled language they use towards the President.

Kathy Griffin Just Illustrated How They Think, Act, and Speak

Robert De Niro spoke about punching him in the face. Snoop Dogg made a music video of him shooting President Trump. Madonna talks about blowing up the White House. Shia LaBeouf has just gone crazy.

The media have irresponsibly sold the country on an unproven conspiracy theory regarding Trump and Russia.

The leftist Democrats and the media do not accept the results of a democratic election.

Insiders leak United States secrets if they think it will make Trump look bad. John Kelly, the US homeland security chief has called it Treason.

Leftist Democrats flame racial hysteria. They pit illegal aliens against those that believe in the rule of law.

They tell African Americans that Trump wants to kill them while saying nothing about the hundreds that die in the streets of Chicago because of their policies.

You do not want a man to use the same bathroom as your little girl; you have transphobia. You believe in traditional marriage; you are homophobic and non-inclusive.

You are the one that is the unbeliever, the infidel. They do not want you to “accept” their lifestyle; they want you to believe in it.

However, What Are The Facts?

The real fact though is that Trump supporters are the ones beaten up and threatened with violence in incident after incident.

People riot just at the prospect of someone speaking words that the left does not agree with, thoughts that “they” have determined to be hateful.

Not just anyone who has not just a kind word to say, but also who does not have an offensive utterance is mocked, condemned, and ostracized.

Tim Allen’s sitcom, the second highest rated sitcom on ABC was canceled after he speaks out about being a conservative. Jimmy Fallon has to apologize for not attacking Trump.

The left is full of hate and intolerance. What they tell us is that Donald Trump must be eliminated.

They do not conversate about his policies; they spew hate and lies about the man.

Just like the infidel who does not acknowledge the god of the extremist, President Trump or his supporters do not worship their god. Leftism.

The leftist ideology is what they consider the ultimate authority. Anyone who does not capitulate cannot be tolerated. They call on people to fight. They call their movement the resistance.

They do not believe in the founding principles of the country. They do not believe in freedom. These are not the principles they fight for, but rather they fight for what has shown through history to enslave humanity.

Of course, Kathy Griffin did not think this would be any big deal. After all, she just put a picture on how they think and how they act every day.

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