HR McMaster – A Threat To America

HR McMaster

America is under threat. Unfortunately, this threat is helped along by some in our government whose job it is to protect Americans.

Rich Higgins was Forced out of the NSC due to a memo that laid out how the globalist, Islamist, and other forces in and out of the government are subverting President Trump’s agenda.

The man that heads the NSC,  HR Mcmaster has been participating in this subversion of America for some time in our opinion. At present, he is purging our government of those that are sounding the alarm.

The people of America elected President Trump because they believe in his America first policy among other things. Unfortunately, the Deep State, the far left, and Islamists have other objectives.

In this interview of Rich Higgins from last year with The Dally Caller, we can see just how dangerous this situation is and what Americans need to do to help head off this subversion.



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