ABC News and Leftist Media Incorrect Again

ABC News Brian Ross Inaccurate Again

ABC News reporter Brian Ross who after a mass shooting in Colorado reported that the shooter was possibly a Tea Party member, which later turned out to be false, issued another false report the other day.

This time it cost people millions of dollars as the stock market tanked over 300 points in a matter of minutes.

This time he reported that Mike Flynn was going to testify that candidate Donald Trump instructed him to contact the Russian Government. They later corrected that report as it was false. Nothing but fake news.

The correction and the fact that he was suspended without pay was not reported on the other main street leftist media nightly news reports that evening, even though his “punishment” is essentially a four-week holiday vacation.

Time and time again ABC News and the left wing media has shown itself to be biased, opinionated, left wing, and corrupt.

While it may not be controlled by the Government directly such as the case with RT news, so they say, it is controlled by leftist propagandists who have no interest in the truth, but merely are looking to advance their political ideology, an ideology that brings nothing but misery to all but themselves.

While having this ideology is allowed in our free society, it is curious that it is allowed to be disseminated via the public airwaves by corporations that reap billions of dollars in profits from the very people they loathe.

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