CNN Okay With Obama Admin Spying On Trump

CNN which has earned the nickname of Fake News due to their inaccurate and misleading reporting has decided to take things to the next level with the Obama Administration’s corruption and spying on President Donald Trump’s campaign and transition.

According to CNN the illegal spying on then candidate Donald Trump that continued after he became the President-Elect is something that the American people should not be concerned with even though it is a clear violation of the United States Constitution.

CNN Not The Only Ones Down Playing

To be fair to CNN, they are not the only ones condoning this unconstitutional abuse of power by how they are choosing to cover this. Most all of the Mainstream Corporate Media Complex has decided that they will do their best to ignore this for as long as they can.

On the first day of the revelation, both NBC and ABC did not even mention it, while CBS glossed over it and defended it. However, CNN is actively doing their best to refute the reports.

Unfortunately for them, that may not be for very long. The developments that are dripping out are showing this situation has the potential to be an even bigger scandal than Watergate, the scandal that brought down the Nixon presidency.

The only difference between this scandal and the Watergate scandals early beginning is that this time the press is on the side of the perpetrators.

If The Media Doesn’t Want To Be Called Fake – Cover The News

While the media has gone out of its way to play the victim regarding the criticism leveled against it, they can do one thing to right their reputation. Accurately report the news.

The ball is in their court. The problem for them is that the news that is coming out directly goes against the narrative that they are pushing.

This narrative is pushed because of their personal and corporate political belief and their desire to manipulate the public opinion of the American people.

The most dangerous part of their ill-conceived game is that this abuse of power that they are so eager to ignore is the same type of abuse of power that turns on the press when governments become totalitarian regimes.

If they really thought that Donald Trump was a fascist, they have a funny way of showing it when they ignore the very abuse that history has shown can be the beginning of the end for a free press.

While it’s impossible to get into their head for all their motivations, the one thing that can be assured is that this may forever solidify CNN’s reputation as fake news.

​The Mainstream Corporate Media Complex And Their Obsession With Fake News – Part 2

The Stories That Should Have been Covered

In part one we spoke about the media throwing around the term “fake news,” this of course before they had it thrown back at them to describe their own reporting. 

Now let’s look at some of the stories they should have been covering this past elections cycle.

  1. The Clinton Foundation and the United States Uranium supply.
    Russia ends up with 20% of the American Uranium supply, and the Corporate Mainstream Media Complex asks no questions?  
  2. Foreign government donations to The Clinton Foundation.
    ​Okay, they are worried about foreign influence over Trump, but none over Clinton taking millions from foreign governments? Can anyone say hypocrisy?
  3. The DNC’s primary election system.
    Inside emails were showing an unfair and crooked primary, no story here.
  4. The U.S. furnishing weapons to ISIS and other radicals.
    Big fuss over wording about how ISIS was started, but not about U.S. government potentially arming them?
  5. Paid violence at Trump rallies by Democrat operatives.
    Trump promotes hate. Oh no, Democrat paid troublemakers. Nevermind.
  6. The Clinton Foundation’s dealings in Haiti.
    Trump, not making public his taxes, bad. Clinton’s pilfering Haiti out of millions, what a saint.
  7. The WikiLeaks revelation that several reporters were actively working with the Clinton campaign.
    So, when the media talks about a free press, are they referring to being political operatives for free, being free to deceive the public about their objectivity, or free to say anything without legal ramifications?

These were just some of the stories that they seemed to have no time or interest in covering this past election cycle. 

Moreover, while it seemed like after all this malpractice, it could not get any worse, it did.

Stay Tuned.

​The Mainstream Corporate Media Complex And Their Obsession With Fake News

There has been much talk about fake news. Most of this talk comes from the Main Stream Corporate Media Complex. While establishment old media sources like The New York Times or The Washington Post have repeatedly published articles that have proven deceptive at best and in some cases downright incorrect, they have thrown around the term fake news in a way that would make any totalitarian government that wanted to control the narrative proud.
In addition to the printed page, the terminally dead portion of the MSCMC, the television broadcast part has decided to follow the same road. While it fools those that do not pay much attention to the real facts around what they are reporting and delights those that are true believers in the Anti-American leftist philosophy which they promote, it has also helped bring the profession the greatest degree of disapproval by the general population that they have ever experienced.

People do not trust that the media is honest. Could any rational thinking person blame them?

In their dishonesty to advance their agenda they have been the most significant factor in turning people against the very thing they promote. Not that people were ever on the same page with them, to begin with, but by them exposing themselves for being the propaganda tools that they are, it was the last straw for people becoming sick and tired of being manipulated.

Last but not least when the MSCMC throws around the term fake news we never actually are told what it is. What stories in this election cycle were fake? How much traction did these fake stories get? What did they have to do with any of the issues of the election?

How much more did some of the other stories in this election affect the American people’s decision? Such as the DNC’s rigging of the Primary for Hillary Clinton. The private emails server that violated the spirit of the law if not the law itself, or even each candidate’s positions as laid out on their very own websites.

Moreover, what if these stories were reported on by all the MSCMC accurately? Would they have had an even bigger impact?

It is easy to blame an undefined, vague concept especially if you never have to identify it.

So instead of the MSCMC throwing around a false narrative we at The Far American challenge them to do their job and perhaps investigation several stories and dig deep into the facts. Report the facts, and leave out the leftist conclusions.

Journalism is supposed to be – Writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.

Is proper journalism being taught in today’s schools? If it is, it seems soon forgotten when these journalists enter the real world. Is it even possible for them to fulfill the exact definition of journalism? Hard to say.

In our next part, we will look at the stories this election cycle that the media should have investigated. Not covered with DNC talking points, but delved into, uncovered, and honestly reported.

If you have any thoughts on what we should include on our list, please feel free to let us know. You can tweet us on Twitter, post on Facebook, or emails us through our contact page.