War – Selling President Trump On Regime Change

America has been involved in a war of some sort on a regular basis every year since the beginning of our 21st century.

In our recently concluded Presidential election, one of the major differences in the candidates was their inclination for war.

Candidate Donald Trump often spoke about the concept that the United States should take care of its people and country and not be the policemen of the world.

America First

I am not running to be the President of the world. I am running to be the President of the United States he would say.

He said that we should not waste our money, resources, and above all the lives of our fellow Americans to take care of the world. We need to take care of ourselves.

War When Justified

He did not frame this as a weak or timid position as he also spoke about wiping ISIS, who has declared war against America, off the face of the planet.

Trump spoke about peace through strength. The strength though was to protect the US against peoples that would look to do us harm. Not to continue meddling in the mess of the Middle East.

With the events of the last week, we now see that something may have changed.

Selling War

Neocons and the Deep State are selling President Trump on war. Not because the United States is being attacked but rather just because it is the morally right thing to do.

All these factions whether the Deep State, the Neocons, the Never Trumpers, and so forth did not support the president’s candidacy, rather they did whatever they could to oppose it.

Less than twenty-four hours after heartbreaking coverage of a bombing attack in Syria this same Deep State who have been trying to sabotage him since day one presented conclusions that Assad attacked his people with chemical weapons and he must do something to protect these helpless people.

Never mind that the use of chemical weapons by the rebel forces themselves in the past has been verified. Nevermind that this bombing could have hit an ammo and weapons assembly depot of the rebels. Never mind that one of our most war hungry Senators John McCain visited this very city just weeks ago. Never mind that the attack was spoken about on social media before it even took place. Nevermind that it has now been established that there are no rebels left without nefarious connections to terrorist organizations.

No, none of these facts merited investigation. Assad did it, and we must act.

No matter what you told the American people, Mr. President, you must act they said. They said this if not by word, by tailored intelligence.

It is something that the CIA has been wanting to do for a long time.

The forgotten people who voted for President Trump did so because they believed him regarding what he said on that campaign trial just a few months ago. Most of what the President says he has been saying for thirty years.

They felt that he was not just another politician who said what they thought people wanted to hear just to get elected. He was the real deal.

These are the people that hope the President will figure this all out. That the President will be able to unearth if those around him have other priorities and are trying to manipulate him and sell him on the idea of war. Or, to use the more palatable word that these people like to use, regime change because it has a nicer ring.

Yes, it is sad what is going on in Syria. Unfortunately, there are many sad and atrocious things that go on around the world. However, no one nation can stop it all, not even the United States.

And let us correct ourselves. This Deep State we spoke about being against President Trump was not just against him from day one. Rather they were spying on him for at least a year before he ever became the President.

Please remember that Mr. President. Along with all the other things you told us that gave us the confidence to offer you our vote.

CIA – Playing Donald Trump For a Sucker?

There are some people out there that are not so sure Assad was the one who used chemical weapons on his people. They think President Trump is be played by the CIA and the Deep State.

The problem with dismissing this thought without giving it any consideration is that history has shown us that things like that have happened.

In addition, for several years it has been the goal of the CIA, the military and some parts of the intelligence community (IC) to engage in regime change.

CIA Pushing Public Opinion

For whatever the reason either noble or nefarious the CIA and Deep State has been trying to push public opinion for military action. Action that then candidate Trump has said was a waste of American money and blood.

Regime change was not one of candidate Trump’s themes on the campaign trail rather the opposite. He spoke about taking care of our own country and our own people.

While the Middle East has been a mess for some time, this latest incarnation of the mayhem started with the IC giving the President and the American people the wrong information. The result was a war in Iraq that has led to one problem after another.

The theory on why the IC has lead us down this path is many as is the speculation as to their motivation.

Though there are many good, patriotic, and honest Americans in the IC, there are also some that are not as the latest scandal of their spying on then candidate Trump is bringing to light.

Our nation cannot operate without intelligence. But even in light of that cold hard fact, it cannot be ignored that some in our IC have a hidden agenda.

Trust must be earned. At this point, the only ones that know if they deserve that trust or they are just playing President Trump, and the American people for suckers are the ones inside.

Inside the Administrative Deep State.