Seth Rich Murder – Is The FBI Part Of The Cover-Up?

Recent revelations in regards to the Seth Rich murder has opened up some troubling concerns. Is the FBI part of the cover-up?

The troubling revelations touch many aspects of the as yet unsolved murder.

Well known investigator Rod Wheeler who was hired by the family to look into the incident has confirmed through two separate direct sources that the FBI has told the DC police to stand down and not investigate the murder.

(Update) After intense pressure, Mr. Wheeler has since wavered from his original statement.

In addition, a federal source who spoke on the condition of anonymity has said that the FBI has done a forensic analysis on Mr. Rich’s computer and that there were thousands of emails sent to Wikileaks with the vast majority having attachments sent with them.


Wikileaks while not ever divulging their sources has offered reward money for any tips leading to the solving of the Seth Rich murder, along with their stating that Russia was not the source.

In the eleven years of their existence, Wikileaks has not put out information that has been proven to be incorrect. They emphatically say that the DNC information did not come from a state actor.

While the FBI has claimed that the DNC “Hack” was attributed to Russia, the FBI never examined the DNC’s computers. The DNC refused to give them access.

When Mr. Wheeler first contacted the DC police to begin his inquiry, the police did not respond but rather notified the DNC. A DNC staffer then contacted the family to inquire why they hired a detective to look into the case.

It is looking more and more that Seith Rich was the Wikileaks source.

There have always been suspicions that have surrounded the Clinton’s due to a string of mysterious deaths that have occurred to people involved with them.

Even though this murder involves the DNC, the main storyline around the leaked emails was the Clinton and the DNC collusion to make sure Senator Sanders did not win the nomination.

Did The FBI Examine Seth Rich’s Computer?

If the FBI did, in fact, examine the Rich computer, why would they insist that Russa had anything to do with what was not a “Hack” but a whistleblower who has upset over the DNC’s tampering with the electoral process?

Perhaps competent politically neutral leadership at the FBI can clear up these glaring ambiguities and put Americans minds at rest that the FBI is not involved in this cover-up.

Coup Of The United States Of America

We are beginning to see from many different sources that the Clinton’s are corrupt. We are also seeing that the Attorney General’s office is corrupt. And it is looking more and more that the current President of The United States of America may be deeply involved also.

What is being attempted is a Coup of The United States of America according to some intelligence sources. Not by the military, but rather through an entanglement of corruption, intimidation, and blackmail.

We are seeing that insiders from the Justice Department are in close communication with Hillary Clinton’s team, and our trying to squash the investigation into her private emails server and the Clinton Foundation.

America is at a crossroads. Some are fighting back to expose what is going on. Some are in left field not realizing what is happening.

While the establishment tries to tell us that Russia is meddling in our politics, there can be no doubt that the information being exposed is troubling, to say the least.

There is no guarantee that the truth will prevail. However, if honest Americans don’t make a stand now, this could be looked back on as a turning point in this great American experiment.

People have talked about how much they don’t trust politicians and believe they lie for years. Yet in this year when we have a non politician running with the promise to drain the swamp of corruption, how many will end up believing the same old political lies.

Hopefully not enough to prevent the clean-up. But just knowing we have so many even if they do not prevail is disconcerting.

The one aspect of our society that is supposed to be digging up the dirt and exposing it to us is the media.

We call this industry “The Corporate Mainstream Media Complex”. They are supposed to speak truth to power.

Instead, they are just capitulating at best but more likely most are working with the enemy hand in hand as co-conspirators. It truly is sickening.

They are not just guilty of doing a sloppy job. They are guilty of something more treasonist than that.

This experiment of ours is not perfect, but it has provided more freedom and a greater standard of living than anything ever tried before in the history of mankind.

Will corruption prevail? Or will Justice?

What we all find out next Tuesday will be an indication.

​Hillary Clinton’s Corruption And The FBI Turnaround

The Far American
​October 31, 2016

11 days before the 2016 presidential election the American people were made aware of a truly astonishing development.

First James Comey of the FBI makes a July announcement that Hillary Clinton did mishandle classified government information only to conclude the announcement that he would not be recommending prosecution.

Rank and file agents at the FBI were in near revolt over the fact that he decided not to recommend prosecution.

As more and more information began to come out it was becoming ever clearer that decision was not based on our American principle that no one is above the law.

Through congressional hearings, WikiLeaks revelations, and the release of some of the investigative notes, it was obvious that this was handled unlike any FBI investigation ever conducted.

Donald Trump who spoke on the campaign trail about “the rigged system” often referred to the fact that Hillary Clinton should not even be able to run for the office of president because of the unbelievable special treatment she received as opposed to others that the FBI has prosecuted.

Martha Stewart, David Petraeus, and a myriad of other examples show that preferential treatment was extended to Hillary Clinton including the most recent case of General James Cartwright being found guilty of one count of lying to the FBI.

The thinking is not that any of these people should not be held accountable under the law, but the fact that Hillary Clinton was not, provides clear evidence that she was given special treatment.

The Corporate Mainstream Media Complex did their best to cover over the glaring discrepancy in every way they could. In one panel on CNN it was even said that it was okay that Hillary Clinton was treated differently because she was running for president and those other people weren’t.

If the political parties were reversed it would have been one of the biggest stories of the year, and there are millions of people who are aware of that fact.

Through all this, Democrats were ecstatic that Comey broke protocol and made a public statement back in July regarding the FBI investigation.

Then 11 days before the election everything flipped. They found more emails. Tens of thousands more. 650,000 more according to the Wall Street Journal and thousands could pertain to Clinton.

The once praiseful Democrats are now lock-step in sync of their condemnation of the latest announcement.

There are several theories of why he decided to update congress on these latest developments and none of them look good for the Clinton campaign.

Whatever the real reason, with the FBI taking such criticism for the way they handled the situation thus far, one could only imagine they did not take this latest step lightly.

They know now they are under a spotlight, and whatever happens, they are going to be analyzed and second-guessed on their role in the outcome of this election.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign say that the FBI should release all that they have immediately. The problem with that is the fact that what has been released to date is so full of redactions, that it would be irresponsible for the FBI to do so.

And that fact alone shows how irresponsible Clinton was in the first place. With the ultimate at stake, the presidency, which she always wanted, I guess that goal for her supersedes being responsible. She hasn’t learned her lesson.

The Corporate Mainstream Media is going into overdrive to try to bail water out of the sinking ship. They tell us that everyone has already factored the emails in regarding their decision.

The problem is they look like they’re praying rather than reporting. They haven’t learned their lesson either.

We were told that we were going to witness history, the first women president.

Well, we definitely may be witnessing history. And it’s not the kind we were told about. We may be seeing the unraveling of the most corrupt politician in America.

In a charity event in New York, one of Donald Trump’s “jokes” that received some boos was, “How corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate Commission?”

I guess we are beginning to see the answer to that question.

Stay tuned.