A Coin Flip More Accurate Than The 9th Circuit

As we see certain rulings coming from our court system, it is easy to wonder what is going on. When you have a group of judges like the 9th Circuit, whose ruling are overturned by the Supreme Court 80% of the time, there are only two conclusions you could draw.

Either they are so incompetent in their knowledge of the law and in critical thinking skills to interpret it, or they are such leftist as to disregard the law and do their best to create new law from the bench to benefit their ideology.

What other reasonable explanation could you make for the fact that they have made the wrong decision for the majority of their cases that were appealed? A coin flip could yield better results.

In either case, it makes clear that Congress needs to do its job and remove them from the bench as they are creating a dangerous constitutional crisis and putting our nation in danger.

When you have lifetime appointed Judges overruling the President of The United States on national security matters, the main duty of The President, there is no way to say that they are NOT endangering our nation’s security.

Then just when you begin to lose all faith in our judicial system as an institution, along comes a judge like Neil Gorsuch. Continue reading “A Coin Flip More Accurate Than The 9th Circuit”

Federal Judges – Why Do Some Hate The Constitution?

Once again, federal judges have issued an outrageous ruling on a matter so simple that they have shown themselves to be a threat to the rule of law and the principle that we the people elect our representatives to fulfill our wishes.

These judges have put their ideology and own thinking over the rule of law and are creating a situation that is becoming a constitutional crisis.

With much in the news these days about foreign countries interfering with our democracy the big story that is receiving no attention is that our very own judiciary has disregarded the laws of our nation to such an extent as to be considered by some akin to a soft totalitarian overthrow of our government.

Federal Judges

The judiciary is an equal branch of government, not one that is to usurp the constitutional authority of the other two branches dictatorially. Still, some circuit courts continually issue rulings that the Supreme Court finds unconstitutional.

This is not in just a few cases. This is in the majority of the cases that they rule on that are appealed. That fact speaks volumes and shows just how serious of a problem this has become. Continue reading “Federal Judges – Why Do Some Hate The Constitution?”