The Hypocrisy of the Left – Michelle Obama Edition

First lady Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail this week to tell us how bad Donald Trump would be for this country.  

While this would be expected as a loyal leftist Democrat what was especially interesting was her statement that to not address Donald Trump’s sexual scandals would be “dishonest and disingenuous.”  

Now maybe at one time she could claim some validity in this regards. Remember this was the woman who said that Hillary Clinton was unfit for office because of Bill Clinton’s sexual infidelity and assaults.  

Changing her tune in 2016 shows us several things, some on a personal level, some on a political level, but in either case, it isn’t flattering.  

From her own statements her ignoring both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s life, words, and actions would seem to make her dishonest and disingenuous.  

And we are not just talking about ignoring Bill Clinton’s well-documented infidelity. Or his well-documented acts of sexual assault. Not lewd comments, but actual assaults that have been public for decades.

We are also talking about the actions and behavior of Hillary Clinton. Does Michelle not find it disturbing when she hears the heartfelt account of the 12-year-old rape victim, Kathy Shelton, whose life was ruined because of being raped?  

Does she not find it disturbing that this “champion” of women would laugh about not believing in lie detector test anymore, because her client passed, thus implying that she knew he was guilty?  

Does she not find it disturbing that Hillary Clinton went into court and sold the idea that this little 12-year-old girl was “emotionally unstable with a tendency to seek out older men and engage in fantasizing”?  

Sounds like a real “champion” of women to me.   

Ok, but Hillary was just doing her job. No, she didn’t want to represent the rapist, she did and said what she had to do. Maybe this was the first time that Clinton learned how to have a public and a private position? 

Did Hillary Clinton also have to attack Gennifer Flowers, a woman Bill Clinton had a multiyear affair with? Ok with that one Michelle?  

Besides firsthand accounts that she did just that we now see through WikiLeaks that is exactly how her machine works in handling these kinds inconvenient truths. Is that what you would do Michelle if Barack was caught?  

Did Hillary Clinton have to call Monica Lewinsky, the 22-year-old intern who engaged in oral sex with Bill Clinton in the White House, a “narcissistic loony toon”? That would be your response too Michelle?  

Did Hillary Clinton have to threaten Bill Clinton’s rape victim when she grabbed her hand and “thanked her” for “everything” she has done for Bill, squeezing her hand and not letting go? Well, that was just a polite thank you, right Michelle?  

But all that was just doing what she had to do to maintain power, that wasn’t a lewd comment, Michelle might say. 

Let’s take a look a Hillary Clinton’s conversation with Lena Dunham. Where Lena tells Hillary about Lenny Kravitz’s Stuff falling out. Clinton is offended, oh no wait, she actually asked her where she can find it on the internet so she can see Lenny Kravitz’s stuff, a term Lena probably uses all the time to describe a man’s……stuff.  

That wasn’t lewd, that was just funny though Michelle, right?  

But Michelle isn’t responsible for Hillary’s actions, she would never take part in such lewdness. Or would she?  

The Obama’s have had invited guests to the White House that not just engage in, but glamorize sexual degradation, not in private conversations, but in the very areas that have the most impact on society.  

She doesn’t need to hear a private conversation to know how her friends view women, rather just buy a couple of CD’s or movies.  

The way the people that she has honored and invited with open arms to the White House, portray sex, assault towards women, drugging women, along with a little violence against the police added in for good measure, is, I don’t know “dishonest and disingenuous.”  

But that’s different Michelle, right?   

Sorry Michelle, you’re not only “dishonest and disingenuous” you are a hypocrite.