Why is Race Such a Problem?

Is there racism in American? Of course there is. It would be impossible to get over 300 million people together and not find an assortment of different thinking and different kinds of people. 

In our population, there are racist, serial killers, thieves, pedophiles, and every other sort of degenerate, along with good decent people. Fortunately, most people are good, but the reason we have laws in the first place is because it’s not a 100% given that everyone is. 

Is the United States as a country racist? No, as we are all aware that we as a country even fought a civil war to guarantee that the founding principle of all men being created equal actually applied to all men, as it also does for all women. 

Even most of the residual racism after that civil war which was promoted primarily by the Democrat party has been stripped from our society. 

So then why is race such a problem recently? The answer to that question is a very complicated one that we don’t even think anyone has all the answers to. However, we offer a few thoughts of some of the things that are not helping.

It starts with the police. As we already mentioned there is bad in every group. Yes, there are bad police officers. And there are probably good police officers that get an attitude from always having to deal with societies degenerates, and no that has nothing to do with race.

​I’m sure being a police officer in a crime-ridden neighborhood is no picnic. It could give anyone an attitude. Most, however, are out to do the right thing in serving the community. And they put their life on the line each and every day to do so.

But it is very counterproductive to the process of cleaning out the bad ones when people for their own agenda misrepresent reality. Take Ferguson Moussaoui for example. 

Much of the recent amplifications of our current uptick in racial tensions relates back to a narrative that an unarmed black man was shot while his hands were up. Hands up don’t shoot was even perpetuated by NFL players and entertainment stars. 

The problem with that was though was that it was not the truth. Numerous witnesses, including that of some African Americans, proved otherwise. In reality, by perpetuating this lie, it was glorifying the behavior of someone who did not obey the commands given by a police officer, which everyone in a civil society needs to do, and then assaulted him while trying to take his gun, while finally charging at him in the end. 

The mother, in this case, was even celebrated at the Democrat’s National Convention. This does nothing but delegitimizes any reasonable point that someone may have that African Americans are being treated differently by law enforcement. 

Yes, it is true that as they say unless you have lost a child, you don’t know that side. But as a parent myself, I cannot imagine that pain being negated in any way by blaming innocent people for the repercussions of my own child doing wrong.  

​Nor does it help our society in general when people’s emotions get whipped up by a falsehood. 

Only by getting to the truth, whether it shows a police officer was in the wrong, or the civilian on the other end was in the wrong, can things be rectified. 

Not by lying, not by making things up, not by acts of violence, not by jumping to conclusions when we don’t have all the answers. None of that will ever solve this problem. 

In the last two incidents as of this article being written we see two things. Number one is that police do sometimes make very serious mistakes. Not necessarily because they’re racist, but because they’re human. 

In the case in Oklahoma shooting the officer involved is being charged. We will see where all the facts lead, but a first look at the video does look troubling. 

In the case of the North Carolina shooting, the police have not released any video. 

​North Carolina has experienced several nights of protest and violence.  Looting, indiscriminate violence against white people, and another shooting, this time not by the police. 

The interesting thing in all of this is that 70% of those arrested in the protest in North Carolina were from out of state. 

It is this professional protester/trouble maker phenomenon that we have seen in other national events including Ferguson.  

We have also learned that hard left billionaire George Soros has given money and support to these troublemakers. The reason Soros is funding this anarchy is unknown. However, Soros has made billions profiting on instability around the world. 

These professional troublemakers will do nothing towards helping any problem there may. They will only make things worse. 

Letting people glamorize criminals as victims will do nothing towards helping. 

Police allowing people to overrun a city with violence and looting will do nothing. 

Police not being open and transparent will do nothing. 

Being afraid to report the facts will do nothing. 

Community and political leaders not speaking up or saying the wrong things will do nothing. 

But not being willing to do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this will do nothing either.