​The Day Google Blacklisted Our Website

First Twitter started canceling accounts, and shadow banning tweets from users whose thinking they did not agree with. Then Facebook was caught altering their trending news against stories they did not like. It was then discovered that Google was altering search term recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton. 

The day our column about the FBI and James Comey was published, Google blacklisted our website. Coincidence?

Remember the crazy conspiracy theories about the IRS targeting conservative groups, or that nutty conspiracy about Hillary’s emails. Well, they all turned out to be true. 

The left seems prepared to stop at nothing to promote their agenda. An aligning of the corporate globalist agenda, social justice warriors, anarchist, corrupt politicians, corrupt businessmen, and Anti-American radicals are all coming together for one thing. To stop what they perceive to be someone who will not lay down to their agenda. 

The organic outrage of the people who have been ignored for far too long has been building for some time. The first public step was the Tea Party. Not an official political party, but just a line of thinking by many citizens that our government has not only stopped listening to the people but has started to outright work against its people. 

Because the Democrat party has basically been high jacked by the hard left, these people gravitated to the Republican party, only to find out that the Republican elite did not want them. 

While their philosophy is more in line with a Republican party that believed in personal liberty and the constitution, the Republican party was itself hijacked by corporate elitists. 

​However, the party that believed that all men should be free, and was in power when we even fought a civil war to settle the issue, was the place that believers in our government being for “We the people” decided to make their stand. 

Donald Trump was never supposed to be this close to the presidency, and that is what has these people panicking. Going back over 20 years Donald Trump has been talking about the American people, and how our government is not acting in our best interest. 

Wall Street, the mega wealthy, Silicon Valley, multinational corporations, and the Mainstream Corporate Media Complex have all aligned against him.  

According to a story by InvestmentWatchBlog.com entitled “WARNING: TRUMP FANS BE CAREFUL – POSSIBLE LEAKED INFO ON PLANS TO ATTACK TRUMP SUPPORTERS” a leaked transcript from internal communications at a Hillary Clinton Super Pac shows that they will stop at nothing. 

It shows that they are scared of the organic support for him as demonstrated in him winning all the online snap polls regarding the debate. While the Mainstream Corporate Media Complex has done its job in trying to influence public opinion on the matter, they are prepared to take it to another level. 

It shows that they are prepared to use NSA obtained software tools to attack those that they feel are making a difference with their free speech. In addition it shows that they are tired of pizza, and prefer sushi, but I digress.

All more conspiracy theories? Or will all this turn out to be true also?

​If You Think People Should Follow the Law – You Might be a Racist

According to his website, “Jeff Foxworthy is one of the most respected and successful comedians in the country. He is the largest selling comedy-recording artist in history, a multiple Grammy Award nominee and bestselling author of 11 books” and has a “style that has been compared to Mark Twain’s.” Although I have always been more a Seinfeld guy, you can’t deny that Jeff has some great material, and is a world class comedian.

One of his more well-known pieces of material is his you might be a redneck jokes. It was the first thing I thought of when I started to listen to the vitriol on the internet regarding Donald Trump’s latest immigration speech. Unfortunately, these comments were no joke.

The internet was a buzz with people calling their fellow citizens racist because why? Because they think that people, all people, should follow the rules. Follow the law.

The peace loving and all-inclusive hard left, came up with some of the most bizarre comments, sometimes I wonder how these people even are able to function in a civilized society. They truly do seem to be impaired in their reasoning ability. 

​Not only did they attack Donald Trump, they also attacked the poor mothers who lost their children to an early death, at the hands of criminal illegal aliens.


Protesting Trumps Hate in Costa Mesa, California.

A small sample from Twitter: 

@KirstenPowers Angel Moms is NOT like #MothersOfTheMovement unless you say it is the White Supremacist VERSION of it! #ThoseRNataionalists! 
— Christa V Sage (@TheBaltimoreCVS) September 1, 2016 

The way they call people “illegals” – so dehumanizing. 
— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) September 1, 2016 

This is the first Klan rally i’ve ever seen televised in my life #TrumpAZ 
— Chrιs Μarvεl (@ChrisMarvel) September 1, 2016 
I’d say this was the most racist speech I’ve ever heard, but I’ve never listened to a Hitler speech. #TrumpAZ 
— Black Girls Rock (@qbanqt) September 1, 2016 
What the hell is going on? These moms Trump brought on stage are like a hate group. 
— Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek) September 1, 2016 

And finally:

I’ve never been so ashamed to be a mainstream American journalist. The excuses for this man I’ve heard make me want a new job 
— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) September 1, 2016 

(Just a note Joan. Take a look at the definition of journalist from our article ​The New York Times – The Newspaper That’s NOT Fit to Print, and you’ll see you have no worries. You’re not a REAL  journalist.) But I digress.  

What kind of people are these? Is it just because they have not been the victims of crime and death in this way, that they don’t have any compassion? 

Do they have some sort of mental handicap that prevents them to feel for other people? 

Even if you are an open borders person, as they are, you don’t have sympathy for the pain that these families have experienced?  

The real irony is that these people are overflowing with the very thing they accusing others of, hate. Do they hate the victims of other crimes? Do they hate all the people that prosecute and punish those that are guilty of other crimes? 

If they were being robbed, or beaten, or threatened, would they call the police for help? Or would they hate themselves for doing so, because the perpetrator would have to suffer the consequences their actions?  

Now to be fair, some are just comments of ignorance. Comments made by people that seem to have no education of history, no proper outlook of government and its role in a civilized society, and no common sense. If we need evidence in our failing educational system, well here it is. 

But many are hateful on a completely different level. And what is their hate directed towards? People that think all people should follow the rules, follow the law. 

The absurdity of their thinking process, is I guess what made me think of the comedy routine. 

To them, if you think that everyone should follow the law, you (might be) are a racist. 

If you think that criminal illegal aliens should not be allowed to continue to break the law, you (might be) are a racist. 

If your loved one was killed by someone who shouldn’t have been allowed to kill them and that upsets you, you (might be) are a racist. 

Only in this case, it’s not funny.

​The Far Americans Social Media Test Results

We felt bad, but we wanted to test something out. Monday, August 15 we posted an article with a somewhat misleading headline.

The article was entitled “Donald Trump Must Be Stopped!” It began by detailing how this is a concerted effort of all the major media along with the social media powers that be that are coming together to stop Donald Trump. This fact is true.

The beginning of the article was definitely presented to be an anti Trump article. However the rest of the article was posted as a picture that could not be read by a text reader.

While The Far American has a relatively small social media presence compared to others, we notice that our materials are shown to an even smaller group of people than that have expressed interest in our commentaries.

Out of the number of people that follow us on Twitter and Facebook, only a micro percentage of those people ever see when a new commentary is posted. Now we already know that Facebook and Twitter alter the information flow so as to skew it to their agenda.

Facebook has already been caught keeping viewpoints that they don’t agree to out of the trending news. And Twitter blatantly kicks those they don’t agree with off their platform, while keeping those they do agree with on the platform, even when the parties they agree with violate their terms of service.

What we wondered was are they also showing a bias with a small site like ours with regards to commentaries that may go against their agenda? Thus the Stop Donald Trump article test.

The following are the results:

Although the actual number of people that were shown our information was still very small, the percentages of the seemingly anti Trump post versus our regular post were tremendous.

On Facebook our seemingly anti Trump post received 600% more exposure than the last regular post that fit in the same criteria.

On Twitter the tweets the day of the seemingly anti Trump post received 52% more exposure than the previous two weeks of comparables. The two seemingly anti Trump tweets that day received double the exposure as the other tweets that day.

Once again, we have a very small social media presence. Knowing that there is bias with profiles that shouldn’t even be showing up on their radar shows us how deep their altering of information goes.

Maybe though this is just an isolated case? That’s why we asked for the help of another Twitter user. This, a small user with very few followers, that tweets on a regular basis. They sent out our seemingly anti Trump tweet and the results were even worse.

Their anti Trump tweet did not just go to everyone of their followers, its exposure was 140% more than the amount of people that follow the profile. Their exposure the day of the test was just under 200% more than their previous 28 day average.

Wow. A tweet that was shown to more people than follow the profile. Chilling.

​Now we realize that both Facebook and Twitter are private companies. They do have a right to suppress anything they want. The problem is that both companies are try to tell everyone that they are not doing this. Their action are in essence, a fraud on the American people.

It is not a crime to be far left. It is not a crime to be an anti American globalist for your own economic gain. But have a little self respect on your own ideology. If you are going to suppress pro American thought, be up front and tell the people. Don’t hide behind an “algorithm”. Don’t hide behind a lie.

​Let the American people know who you really are.