The Biggest Problem with Terrorism in 2016

As the United States deals once again with a terrorist attack Governor Cuomo of New York stated that “We’re not going to let the terrorist win”, while the mayor of the city where one of the attacks occurred Bill de Blasio was quick to point out that he didn’t know if this was even terror.  

There were multiple attacks. Occurring in Minnesota, New Jersey, and in New York. The attack in New York is the one Bill de Blasio was quick to say that even though it was an intentional act, it was not known if it was terrorism. 

What?  I don’t know what your definition of terrorism is Mr. Mayor, but a bomb going off in the middle of a city is terrorism, period. The fact that the mayor of one of the largest cities in America doesn’t know that is a problem. 

We doubt the problem is intelligence. Even the most moderately intelligent person would know that to be the case. So how could someone intrusted with leading one of our most iconic cities issue such a stupid statement? 

Before we explore and answer to that, let’s take a look at another person who should be taking the lead on this issue and see what they had to say. That would be our president Barack Obama who spoke on this Monday afternoon. 

President Obama scolded the media for what he said was getting ahead of the story and told them to “Try to stick to what our investigators say” in their reporting. 

He continued that we as “Americans will never give in to fear” and that that is the most important ingredient to defeating terrorism. 

We already know that the president has spoken publicly about the fact that he thinks the media is one of the problems with how most people view terrorism. That if the media didn’t cover it so much, it would not be on people’s minds. 

His remarks on Monday seem to be in line with that thinking. It is our fault for wanting to know the story and that of the media for telling us. It’s really just no big deal.

The real truth is that it wouldn’t be on people’s minds as much, if those that have the responsibility to do something about, were taking appropriate action. 

Pretending that we are not in a war, declared by those that want to see us vanished from the face of the earth, is the most assured way to be vanished from the earth. 

The fact is that we are more concerned about our incompetent leadership than we are about the terrorist. 

We can beat the terrorist, but only if we decide to do so, and take the correct steps. Pretending it’s not a problem, is the problem. 

Now we are not saying that it is possible to never be hit with acts of terror. Living in a free society makes that impractical. 

But it is also impractical in this day and age, to have people in responsible positions in our government, to be beholden to their far left radical ideology that puts our safety at risk. 

Although putting Americans at risk is nothing new for them, the far left used to be the ones planting the bombs, just ask Bill Ayers. But their infiltration into our society as respectable members and into our government is a newer phenomenon. 

Fighters being released from Gitmo, floods of refugees from areas that are impossible to properly vet from, an insecure border that we know will be exploited, and the financing of the largest terror state in the world. 

All these acts are and will lead to the death of fellow Americans and innocent people. But no, the problem is us, in the minds of the leftist. 

Unfortunately, our biggest problem when it comes to terrorism in 2016, is not the terrorist necessarily, but those that are supposed to be on our side, our politicians.