Would Hollywood Dare to Write Such a Story?

We all know that the far left has Hollywood in their back pocket. There seems to be some correlation between creative people that know how to take make believe and sell it as real and left wing politics.

But one of the keys, with the exception maybe of Sci-Fi, is to write a story that people can truly believe is real.

When we see what seems to be happening today in our politics, we wonder if even Hollywood would ever dream to try to sell what we see happening today as real life.

Would Hollywood Write It?

We have a presidential candidate who was under FBI investigation for mishandling classified information. If you or I did a fraction of what she did, we would most definitely be going to jail, just ask those that are already there for doing much less. She, on the other hand, is the Democrats presumptive nominee.

And if this wasn’t enough, our current president has said she did nothing wrong, before the investigation was even completed. Maybe he has a sense for these things, after all, there wasn’t a smidgen of corruption when the IRS targeted his political enemies, a comment that probably had Richard Nixon turning over in his grave.

As a matter of fact, he was so sure that nothing was going to be done to her, President Obama even endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

And if all this doesn’t look corrupt enough, the country’s chief law enforcement officer, Loretta Lynch, had a thirty-minute private meeting with the husband of the FBI’s chief suspect, not to mention that the FBI’s investigation may have even turned into a corruption probe into the whole family, only they know for sure.

But I’m sure they didn’t talk about the situation, even though they were not under oath to tell us, and if they were what difference would it make at this point, per Hillary’s reasoning on the Benghazi murders, he already knows how to lie under oath, he’s done it before.

Then The FBI

Then our FBI director, James Comey spends several minutes enumerating all she did to break the law only to conclude that he will not recommend that she not be held accountable.

While all these things going on behind the scenes, without the public knowing, would be a plausible plot in a House of Cards, or some theatrical feature, who would ever try to sell the idea that they would go on in public. And the public and the media would act as if nothing’s wrong.

Not even in Hollywood, not even.